Sensual Touch
Refined Design
State-of-the-Art Technology
Luxurious Contemporary Massage Chair

Was $4315.00 Now $3450.00

Intelligent Voice Control System
Equipped with high-fidelity audio system on both sides of the head, and built-in Bluetooth chip.
Equipped with two sets of 5V / 2.1A fast charging ports, you can charge two different electronic devices while massaging.
24 Automatic Programs
Four selected programs to enjoy the ultimate massage experience. Zone mode,
S&L Track
The 130cm long S&L track allows the back roller arms massage from the head to the buttocks.
Foot Rest Massage
The calves and soles are equipped with 4 rows of rollers, combined with the airbag system.
Intelligent height detection
It can automatically detect user and track’s height while matching user’s body shape.

HomeTech Cloud Touch RH-7600E Luxury Massage Chair

360 Multi-Dimensional Massage
State-of-the-Art Technology

Was $2900.00 Now $1650.00

Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

Press the zero-gravity button, the zero-gravity massage chair can raise the feet to the same level as the heart, which minimizes the gravity strain on the vertebrae and reduces the discomfort of back pain. The 14 massage points are used in conjunction with other areas to provide a completely relaxing massage. Massage the head, neck, shoulders, waist, back,thigh, legs and feet by heating (back). 

Functional Diversity
8 preset automatic massage programs have different massage methods to bring you the best massage experience. Including special stretching procedures for full-body stretching, double-foot rollers are best for feet, extendable legrest for user of various height available, and you can also choose power speed and airbag pressure to control your massage.

Space-Saving And Modern Design

Space-saving technology is only 15cm from the wall. This massage chair has been carefully designed and in style with luxury, which can be perfectly suitable for living room, home theater, balcony and office. All designs are to bring you a perfect massage experience.